BuhalBu's Kit: It's All About Amazing Websites With Next.Js

How to build fast and sleek websites or apps that make you proud and impress other people with their high quality

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As independent creators, we love creating cool things like websites, web apps, tools, templates, articles, and more. We've merged our passions for coding and writing with the goal of helping other people find prosperity through coding just like us.

So what are we doing about it?

  • We are in a constant search for stuff that can be created once and then given away repeatedly;

  • We create and support apps that can replace unreasonably expensive alternatives;

  • We make profits by offering affordable upgrades, support, affiliate products, and other goodies;

  • We build our apps and our business in public for maximum transparency;

  • We believe that the ongoing digital transformation must be accessible to all.

Who It's For

BuhalBu's Kit is explicitly created for JavaScript Developers


All of the checklists' tasks are formatted after real-life JIRA tickets with detailed descriptions and links to useful resources

Mid-Levels / Seniors

The provided checklists are exhaustive and relieve you from the burden of keeping all these tasks in your mind.

New To SEO

Our checklists will help you optimize your websites for a better user experience and more traffic from search engines

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