It isn’t Christmas if we don’t see how John McClane kills Hans Gruber…

The Vent Scene is my favorite part!

It’s so disturbing to watch how John crawls through the tight air vent. It’s like the walls are going to smash him. And at the same time, it’s so funny to listen to his mumbling while recalling his wife’s invitation:

“Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…”

It reminds me of all the experts and journalists that lure us to embrace SEO by talking about how our businesses absolutely need it. How it’s “the most viable and cost-effective way to both understand and reach customers,” as described in a recent Search Engine Journal article.

Well, yeah…

It can make a big difference for our businesses. It can save our world like a hero in an action movie. But it’s a constant fight. Tough constant fight.

It takes time, effort, and even money to attract that proverbial surges of organic traffic.

Especially tough is the technical SEO…

If you’re using WordPress, then you’re somewhat lucky. There are many themes and plugins that will make your site fast and user-friendly.

Some of them are free or offer freemium versions…

Some of them cost money right from the start…

But there is no question about it – at some point, you need to start paying monthly or yearly subscriptions if you want to benefit from their full potential and get that precious tech advantage over your competition with worse websites.

And even if we exclude all the complex things that require web developing skills…

  • How do you choose the best theme?
  • How do you know what plugins do you need?
  • How do you choose the best plugins?
  • How do you choose and implement a CDN Service?
  • How do you choose reliable hosting?
  • How do you install an SSL certificate?
  • How do you structure your website the right way?
  • How do you configure the caching plugin?
  • How do you scale your server?
  • How do you migrate without losing your progress?
  • How do you optimize each and every article or page?

Those are only a small part of the questions we should find answers to. And it’s just the technical part that you can set it and forget it for at least several months.

Technical SEO is not so of a dynamic field…

  • But what about link building?
  • What about content marketing?
  • What about monitoring your site’s performance?

You can use tools like BuhalBu’s Kit to monitor it, but they just tell you the facts. After you learn the facts, you must get your hands dirty again.

And finally:

What about the next cute “algorithm update” that constantly threatens your site?

So I’m not wrong to relate this process with Die Hard. SEO is a constant struggle. It demands a lot of our resources and efforts to become profitable.

Yeah, McClane eventually kills the mass murderer, and it’s a grand finale.

But then there comes Die Hard 2.

So it is with SEO…