Once upon a time, a thousand ages ago, I used to know… that kind of a guy.

He wasn’t my friend, but he gravitated around my friend circle and was very popular. The feeling was like “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and I couldn’t understand why.

I met Mary J. somewhat late in my life, and I have never consciously tried other stuff. So I was a “booze teen” who couldn’t understand why that piece of thing is so popular.

Yeah, you didn’t think I’m smart, right?

Later, I learned that this guy always had time for some of my friends and always was open for “little favors” like free samples, digging out new “products,” and even – offering special payment terms.

How disgusting…

But he got the marketing part right.

Now, I’m not going to offer you free samples of substances that will confuse your mind and blur your vision, but I’m going to tell you about something that could easily be even more addictive:

A couple of free SEO APIs

if you have some programming skills, the following APIs could help you do lots of automation workflows:

Google Pagespeed Insights API

The PageSpeed Insights API returns real-world data from the Chrome User Experience Report and lab data from Lighthouse.

You can use this for auditing your web pages in bulk, and the best part is that the processing is done in the cloud that means it can be considerably faster. You can audit up to 20000 URLs a day.


Google Crux Report API

The Chrome UX Report API gives low-latency access to aggregated Real User Metrics (RUM) from the Chrome User Experience Report.

If your website exists in this report, you can get your actual Core Web Vitals Scores without auditing your pages because the stats are already collected and processed.

Cool, right?


Google Search Console API

Query your search analytics data and manage sitemaps.

You can use this for advanced tracking of your keyword rankings, backlinks, organic traffic stats, and more. The Console is the most trustworthy source of data about your Google SEO.


Google Analytics API

The Google Analytics Reporting API provides programmatic methods to access report data in Google Analytics.

You can use this to create advanced, automated reports, and also – you can also combine the data here with the data from the previous APIs to get really deep insights.


Google Ads API

The Google Ads API is the modern programmatic interface to Google Ads and the next generation of the AdWords API.

What can you use it for? For example – keyword discovery, getting keyword monthly searches, and other stuff. The tricky part is that you need a campaign to get the data.


If you don’t have programming skills, don’t worry – many of the stuff you can do with these free APIs offered by Google will be available in my free app BuhalBu’s Kit.

Some automation workflows will be ready from day one, and others will be implemented in later versions.

You will be amazed!

Wow! I’ve even started sounding like the guy I told you about in the beginning.

So I will finish this article right now…