Dear JavaScript Aficionado,

If there were only one rule on how to succeed in our profession or life in general, it would be the one that says we must find the overachievers in the activity of interest and model what they are doing.

Obviously, they know something that helps them achieve great results…

And one of the fastest, decent ways to success is to “climb to the shoulders of the giants,” a.k.a learn from others and not start from scratch.

This is the exact thing I’ve tried to accomplish by creating this article.

I set a goal for myself to find the most influential javascript developers, analyze their online presence (websites, social profiles, etc.), and try to uncover why they are considered successful professionals that we need to listen to.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn a lot of details related to their success, including:

  • What is the realm of true achievement and contribution
  • How to become part of that realm today
  • Do you need any formal education and/or other credentials
  • Is every one of the 61 developers involved in a famous project?
  • How many of them do not have a college degree?
  • What we all hate, but they gladly do?
  • How to make side income (if they do it, why not you?)
  • How to build your name, create connections and win the best job offerings
  • And many other curios stuff

Ready? Let’s do it…

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