Dear WordPress Aficionado,

Did you know that there is a temple with a thousand pillars in India?

Those thousand pillars are richly carved and totally adorn the building, constructed so that none of them obstruct the view of the shrine. The whole thing was built in 1163 AD, and it took 72 years to be fully completed.

That’s a lifetime of effort…

Can you imagine investing your whole life in building something like that?

Fortunately, the technical SEO of your WordPress site doesn’t require a lifetime of effort to be finished, and it isn’t supported by a thousand pillars that you must memorize to be successful. It can be somewhat complex, but that complexity is manageable in a reasonable time.

Actually, I discovered 3 Golden Pillars only…

If you choose to make use of them, your website will become better, faster, and more suitable for the “first page” of the search engines. It not only will be deserving higher rankings, but it will be capable of enduring the additional traffic that’s directed to it.

Many blogs and online shops out there are slow and break down when visited by a couple more users because they aren’t configured properly. Sometimes, web admins fight this nasty problem by purchasing more RAM and CPU. Sometimes they do nothing about it.

However, either of the approaches cost them money…

When you configure your WordPress properly, it can receive way more visits with no additional hosting expenses.

For example, installing a better caching plugin can save server resources like processing power. Good management of those resources is especially important if your website is on shared hosting.

You don’t want to upgrade your plan just because you don’t use the right plugin, right?

That’s not all…

There are many other benefits from supporting your “business temple” with the 3 Golden Pillars:

  • It will be more accessible for all sorts of people around the globe;
  • It will convert more visitors into customers because it doesn’t make them waste time;
  • It will offer better content and improve your brand’s status;
  • It will be perceived as more secure and worthy of attention;
  • It will look better because of a theme with better quality;
  • It will help the users find easier what they are looking for;
  • It will stimulate them to spend more time on the site;
  • and more.

As you can see by yourself, big rewards are offered to those who make an effort to prepare their websites technically.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to attract a ton of new visitors and make your business so successful that you know for sure it’s an investment that will work for you until death tears you apart.

Or you choose to change directions and sell it…

That’s the freedom we got when we chose to take responsibility and be entrepreneurs.

But wait…

What are those 3 Golden Pillars of Technical SEO?

I will gladly share all I know, but this adventure we’re on… This great adventure to a well-optimized and profitable WordPress site isn’t meant to be completed in a short article like this. 

There are many details I can’t tell you about right now if I want this piece of content to have sharp focus and be readable.

So I will tell you about the pillars without saying everything I know about them.

if you’re ready, then here they are:

The Pillar Of Instant Gratification

We live in a century where nobody likes to wait for nothing. No matter how badly they want it and no matter its price. It can be a gift, and they want it now, not tomorrow. It can be exclusively expensive, and they want it yesterday, not today.

So better your website loads fast, or…

The Pillar Of Good Times

Nowadays, we’re also spoiled. Yeah, all of us. If we’re not living the time of our lives, we don’t show any mercy, but we go looking for something better that will make us happy again. Sometimes at the cost of a good friendship.

So better your website at least doesn’t make us angry, or…

The Pillar Of Memorable Feasts

We all like consuming quality products – be it a fantastic dish or inspiring article. And often, we don’t accept anything less than “great” because we live with the belief that we don’t deserve anything less than “great.”

So better your website offers great content, or…

It can’t compete with all the rest.

Do this little experiment…

Search for the first product that comes to your mind and see how many results the search engine will show you. They will be nothing less than hundreds that are all competing for your attention. All competing for your business. All saying whatever you want to hear…

So better you offer something more worthy of attention, or you will be left behind.

I know you need more details to ensure you won’t face that sad destiny, and I will gladly give them to you in the course of a series of articles.

So stay tuned…

Next time, I will start revealing valuable stuff about the Pillar Of Instant Gratification and how to make it support your business in the digital world, so it’s more successful and growing.  


Sashe Vuchkov

PS. Maybe you already know that I’m working on a free SEO app named BuhalBu’s Kit. I’ve just finished a “refactoring session” that made its website crawler faster and more reliable. I’m very happy about that.