BuhalBu's Kit: Free SEO tools for winning it all the smart way

How to use and benefit from the modern, powerful and cost-effective APIs that help you make your website more profitable

Why pay monthly fees
for something that costs almost nothing when it's done on your machine?

If you manage one or more websites, then you already know how expensive the SEO tools can be or how limited can be their free versions, BuhalBu's Kit offers:

Unmetered Usage

There are no quotas for all the features that aren't processed in our cloud

No Ads

Only available upgrades are mentioned where they sound relevant - no third-party banners.

Frequent Updates

Get the new features right away, plus timely bug fixes at no additional cost

All the cool stuff you can do with modern TypeScript & React
Our Goal

To provide free alternatives of the same or better quality

Not everything can be free, but in a world where most of the software is created with the help of open-source projects and APIs, it makes sense for some of it to cost nothing.

So what are we doing about it?

  • We are in a constant search for stuff that can be created once and then given away repeatedly;

  • We create and support apps that can replace unreasonably expensive alternatives;

  • We make profits by offering affordable upgrades, support, affiliate products, and other goodies;

  • We build our apps and our business in public for maximum transparency;

  • We believe that the ongoing digital transformation must be accessible to all.

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What can you do with the tools in BuhalBu's Kit?

The BuhalBu's Kit ships as a cloud or desktop application that helps you audit at scale websites and other web apps that generate HTML output for common SEO ranking factors, UX and other indicators of website quality.

Make Lighthouse Audits

Collect and analyze the so-called "Lab Data" for your property. You can freely turn on/off various categories of audits that analyze an URL for performance, accessibility, best practices, and others.

Find Broken Links

Crawl your websites easily and find links that lead to missing pages (404s) or not properly working pages (500s), then send a report to your web developer or SEO specialist.

Audit Page Titles & Meta Data

It's easier than ever to ensure that they exist, have the proper word count and are site-wide unique - just like Google loves them. If you're using Yoast's SEO plugin, you can edit them right away.

Crawl JavaScript Websites

With the help of the open-source project Chromium, you can crawl pages generated by JavaScript code. That includes websites based on front-end frameworks like React, Angular and Vue.js.

Make Pagespeed Insights Audits

Collect and analyze the so-called "Core Web Vitals" and other "Field Data" for your property. You can audit up to 20,000 URLs a day using the Google API with your own credentials.

Analyze Redirects

Register and analyze all redirecting URLs of your websites. See their amount, type, destinations, and other properties in one place and then refine them to suit your SEO strategy.

Find Out Duplicate Content

It's never a good idea to confuse search engine bots with duplicate content, and that's why you need to analyze your site for such issues and resolve them fast.

Spot 150+ Web Optimization Issues

Keep an eye on them and fix them fast if they occur so that your websites always perform at their best. Making technical SEO audits doesn't have to be hard and painful.

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