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It's my duty to create free software and profitable websites that work hard 24/7 and help our businesses grow

Let me introduce myself:
A full-stack developer who loves everything related to World Wide Web

My coding journey started with a strong desire to create amazing websites and web apps, now I have rich experience with various cool technologies:


Writing HTML & CSS is a second nature to me. Also, I use React.js, jQuery and vanilla JS


Lately I've been using Node.js for my server-side needs, but I can code in modern PHP too

Good Practices

I like high quality code: SOLID Principles, Linting, Unit Testing, Strict Typing (TypeScript)

Hi there,

My name is Sashe Vuchkov, and I'm a web developer with a strong interest in online marketing.

It's my pleasure to create and market free stuff...


Because it's cool to give back to the community. We all benefit from many open-source projects on a daily basis, and my way to be grateful for all this is to strive to be more than a consumer.

Moreover, it's my hobby to create all kinds of things - content, software, websites, etc. - and I do it for pleasure, so it makes sense to me to give away a large part of my creations. Yeah, some of them I sell, but life just can't be all about money, or I don't want it to be that way.

Also, I like to create web assets that generate success (or miserably fail fast) as soon as they are online. I think it's painful to wait weeks or months to find out if a business idea or a product has potential, so I always strive to get "the numbers" fast.

From a marketing standpoint...

It's essential for me my projects, websites, and the other assets to be planned out for conversions from the beginning. I like to write sales copy, and I like to run my ads, so I have some understanding of specialties like copywriting, advertising, and online marketing.

All this helps me to have a clear vision for the details as well as the Big Picture.

My passion for digital marketing has been with me for a decade, and it drives me to always look out for opportunities to apply my knowledge and skills.

From a web development standpoint...

I've been a "web resident" since the year 2000 with a coding experience dating back to 2006, and I love almost everything related to the World Wide Web. I adore most web technologies, and every minute spent writing code is sweet honey for me.

My code is clean and looks beautiful on the screen. Or at least I think so... Of course, there is always room for improvement, but I'm not a perfectionist, so I produce "good enough" stuff that brings results.

And by "good enough," I mean well-designed, well-structured, and well-tested software...

But nothing "genius."

My strongest advantage is my business-oriented style of development. Everything I do must align with the business goals, so there is no "code fluff," "bloat' or whatever that looks or sounds good but has ZERO contribution to the bottom line.

Everything should serve the DEFINITE PURPOSE.

My other activities

I'm passionate not only about writing software.

Actually, I'm into writing itself.

It's weird, you know, but if I were immortal, I would spend most of the time writing and learning all possible genres, formats, and types of writing.

That's how far my craziness goes…

So I have my blog, where I practice my crazy passion.

Personal Evaluation
of my skills and experience


React + Redux
Javascript (ES6)
Bootstrap 4


OOP/Design Patterns




Unit Testing
Linux / Ubuntu
Google Cloud
Hosting Management
Business Writing
Project Management
Digital Marketing

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