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It's my duty to create profitable websites and web apps that work hard 24/7 and help your business grows

Let Me Introduce Myself:
A Full-Stack Developer Who Loves Everything Related To World Wide Web

My coding journey started with a strong desire to create amazing websites and web apps, now I have a rich experience with various cool technologies:


Writing HTML & CSS is a second nature to me. Also, I use React.js, jQuery and vanilla JS


Lately I've been using Node.js for my server-side needs, but I can code in modern PHP too

Good Practices

I like high quality code: SOLID Principles, Linting, Unit Testing, Strict Typing (TypeScript)

Hello friend,

If you're searching for a capable full-stack freelancer who isn't disgusted by digital marketing and who can convert your beautiful PSD, Adobe XD, or Figma web designs to functional, converting ReactJs apps or NextJs apps, then maybe you've just found the right person.


Because I'm a full-stack developer who creates well-coded and performant web apps with the help of JavaScript / TypeScript and React.

Of course, these are only a small part of the technologies involved in your project. I can list some others like:

  • Git (Version Control) - It's the industry standard for keeping track of all the files down to a code line and even a character. It helps us regularly save our progress in the cloud, undo unwanted changes, collaborate with other developers, and more.
  • NodeJS (Server-side) - We use it to write programs executed by your server, not the user's browser. It's particularly handy for processing sensitive data that need extra protection, but also it's helpful when we want to have more control or depend on technology not available in the browser, like scalable SQL or NoSQL databases, secure payment processing, and more.
  • NextJs - If you want to build something closer to a standard website instead of a single-page application, then we can use Next. Of course, it's the "Swiss army knife" of JavaScript development, so there are only a few use cases where we can't depend on it. (In my portfolio, I've shared one cool app I build for a hackathon)
  • Content Management Systems - Maybe you will need integration with a popular CMS like Strapi, WordPress, or others. Otherwise, you need somebody to change the code frequently, and that's not desirable.
  • Hosting / Deploying - Once created, your application must be deployed in the cloud. I use Google Cloud for my projects, but it doesn't mean I can't help you deploy your project on Heroku, AWS, Vercel, etc.
  • And finally - every project is unique. I can't tell in advance what other technologies you must consider. But if you provide precise requirements, I will help you pick the perfect "stack."

Can I deliver on my promises?

Well, I believe I can. I have been a full-stack web developer since 2018, and some of the projects I've worked on include:

  • Profitable websites (Like some of my portfolio samples)
  • Headless CMS integration
  • Support chat
  • Ticket system
  • Hosting administration panel
  • Single-page app
  • Browser extension
  • Different utility scripts
  • and more

I even worked for a famous hosting company for two years. I learned lots of cool stuff related to high-traffic applications (millions of users monthly), scalability, security, processes, teamwork, and collaborations with web designers, DevOps specialists, marketing guys, and others.

So I definitely have some know-how that's not accessible to all...

In contrast to many of my peers, I don’t resent digital marketing. It’s not “spam” for me, but a critical activity for achieving success online. That’s why I offer more than fast loading time and elegant code. I provide business assets that pay for themselves by attracting new clients without rest or complaints.

So I'm always ready to give you some hints on how to refine your designs to get more subscribers, users, customers, or whatever other result you target.

My oldest client says:

"I trust Sashe completely with the online presence of my business and I am grateful to him for the dedication and professionalism he demonstrates in working with me. I would gladly recommend his services."

Bulgarian Entrepreneur


If you like what you're reading now, then maybe it's worth testing the waters. I'm always open to doing small gigs that demonstrate my coding skills and my ability to work with clients.

So go on...

Click the big button and let' talk business

Personal Evaluation
of My Skills and Experience


React + Redux
Javascript (ES6)
Bootstrap 4


OOP/Design Patterns




Unit Testing
Linux / Ubuntu
Google Cloud
Hosting Management
Business Writing
Project Management
Digital Marketing

What Other People Say?

"Sashe understood directly the core of our problem and had an idea to solve it. He provided us with a solution that was straight forward. He asked in debt and pro-active if his solution fulfilled our needs. He reacted timely, effectively and most of all with a solution that helped us."

~ Hans

"I worked with Sashe on migrating an old site to NextJS. He was extremely knowledgeable in Next and was great to work with! He quickly assessed the project and made a lot of great improvements in the overall structure during the migration. I hope to work with Sashe again!"

~ David

"Done his job very fast and with very clean code."

~ Madar

"Sashe is really a genius. He understood my question perfectly and build something very great. He thinks through and makes sure that everyting is done well and that I understand it too. This is just the first project with him, but surely not the last. I like working with him and I will let him do many more projects."

~ Monique

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