Dear JavaScript Aficionado,

Do you feel bored sometimes when you follow your daily routine?

Work – Party – Sleep… Work -Party – Sleep…

That’s one hell of a cycle!

And if you’re a family guy or hard-core introvert, then probably the middle of this cycle is missing.

So it becomes even more monotonous…

There is no surprise that so many of us fall victim to this nasty condition, “burnout.” And it’s no joke… I’m “lucky” to experience its gray nuances and depressing feelings somewhat more frequently than average, so I know it’s no joke.

In the past, it made me do things I still regret, like quitting a fantastic job or leaving behind a profession just before it starts paying off big.

So I had to find a way to counter this condition. And counter it before the slightest sign of its symptoms.

And I found many!

I found a plethora of ways to keep myself on track. They help me finish big projects, persist in my long-term goals, and live a hundred times more exciting life than before.

We’re not talking about extreme sports, screwing around, or substance abuse, though (in my opinion, constantly drinking beer or whisky is not a productive way to save yourself from burnout).


I mention one of my latest “remedies” in my newsletter article “Roadmap to Success: 3 lessons I learned from 61 of the most influential JavaScript developers”. Almost all 61 developers practice it (83.6% of the researched ones). And even the thought of it can shake your whole body.

Imagine how intense it can be when it happens for real.

And that’s not the only benefit…

It offers traveling to exotic destinations (sometimes for free), meeting lots of interesting, smart, sexy people, and true challenges that the crowd may talk about for years.

What’s best – all this involves web development.

I have yet to experience this kind of adventure on a big scale. It’s not something you can do when you decide to do it. You need to prepare yourself. You need time and many additional skills. But that’s precisely why it is so exciting.

It’s part of the game…

If you’re curious about that adventure, click the link below and sign up for my newsletter. You will receive a sample issue for free and discover this exciting stuff mentioned in Lesson 2.

Be Happy,