Dear Next.Js Aficionado,

So you wanna build a beautiful website, right?

A website that shows your high level of web development skills and one that helps you get the best job offers or freelance gigs, or that attracts users for your cool app.

Nice, we all want that!

But often we don’t get it because we make a common big mistake.

It’s so widespread that even sessional professionals fall victim to it. No matter their high achievements or their years of experience. Once they go for their own website, many times they create something ultra-functional. Something well-coded.

But something with…

ZERO marketing or design value…

It’s just plain ugly.

No offense, but we – all web developers, must learn that we’re not some extraordinary guys who can handle every possible challenge in the world.

We’re not superhumans!


The point is – we’re not web designers. We’re not UX experts either.

So we shall not try to be one!

The “super easy and profitable pro hack” is to start working with web designers or at least – use professional templates. You will see a drastic improvement in your ability to put online fast whatever projects you want that make you look BIG POTATO in the industry.

It’s not criminal to be a small potato, though…

But why be one when you have all the opportunities you need to look larger than life?

And the best part?

You can get wonderful free HTML templates right now! The internet is full of them.

Just pick something beautiful and turn it into a piece of Next.Js (React.Js) art.


Sashe Vuchkov

PS. I offer a free template, too. It’s nothing fancy, but I put in it all of my marketing knowledge. The knowledge that inundates me with job and partnership offers to this day.

If you’re curious about how I structure my own portfolio websites for maximum success, you can download it on Gumroad in exchange for your email.