Dear Next.Js Aficionado

If you want to build an amazing portfolio website that’s beautiful and looks professional…

A website that helps you get the best job offerings and makes your friends a little envious of your high skills to create such valuable “assets” from start to finish, then the following few paragraphs will be the most important thing you’ll discover today.

I’m starting a tutorial series to share all my knowledge on creating websites and making them work for you 24/7.

NextJs Tutorial: The Full-Stack Story Of Building Your Superb Portfolio Website

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Before we start to code we need to know what we are doing and why we are doing it. There are many answers to these two important questions that I hope will motivate you to do your best in this exciting journey to your perfect portfolio website.

Also, we will define our “stack”…


NextJs Tutorial 02: What Should Your Superb Portfolio Website Look Like For The Best Results?

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There are fabulous portfolio websites, and there are some plain ugly ones. There are “arty” ones. Minimalistic ones. And so on, and on. Web developers are especially keen on building “out of the ordinary” projects. Sometimes they do it on purpose. More often, it just happens that way because the developer didn’t prepare well.

So let’s prepare well…


NextJs Tutorial 03: A Shortcut To A Superb Portfolio Website With Next.Js

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I know you can’t wait to start coding. In the end, we’re web developers, and we love doing it.

And yet, here we are…

This tutorial is the third installment of my series for building a superb portfolio website, and I still don’t have an intention to make you open your favorite code editor.


Setting Up a Next.Js Project The Proper Way (Part 04)

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Until now, we’ve talked about what your portfolio website should look like and that web developers aren’t web designers, so they need ready-to-use templates if they want to create something beautiful.

We analyzed some examples of good portfolio websites and chose an HTML template or UI kit.

Now, it’s time to set up our project.