Darky is a free Next.Js portfolio template created exclusively for web developers. 

It’s built with Next.Js and Tailwind CSS, so we can confidently say it’s based on today’s trendiest web technologies. That means you will have a modern, good-looking portfolio that makes excellent first impressions. 

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Of course, Darky is just a starter template…

You can customize it however you want, so it looks unique and expresses your true personality. You can easily change the theme colors, fonts, and every other aspect of the layout. 

Here are some screenshots:

Screenshot of the portfolio template's Home page Screenshot of the portfolio template's About page

Almost “Production-Ready” Next.Js Portfolio Template

The template is somewhat “production-ready,” meaning that it comes with all the libraries you need to deploy it as a static website on CloudFlare, Vercel, or another cloud vendor.

You just need to create a few blog posts, add some past projects, and change the copy on the rest of the pages.

Then it’s a piece of cake to deploy it…

Moreover, I planned this template as a “marketing machine.” That means it has all the basic “marketing stuff” that you need if you want to create a great first impression. It will help you get the best job offerings on the market or win the best freelance projects.

And the best news?

It’s free. You just need to sign up for a free membership, and you will get immediate access once you confirm your email address.

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Here’s What You Get For Free:

  • Built on pure React.Js & Next.Js without jQuery
  • Clean TypeScript code
  • 9 ready-to-use pages (Home, About, Contact, Blog, Blog Post, Blog Category, Portfolio, Project, Portfolio Category)
  • Sass/CSS included
  • Mobile-first design
  • Responsive design
  • Creative and beautiful layout;
  • Easy way to create new color schemes;
  • Fast, lightweight & powerful;
  • Integrated with Feather Icons (free icon pack);
  • React.Js (v18.2.0);
  • Next.js (v12.3.0);
  • Tailwind CSS (v4.8.3);
  • Simple routing (page based);
  • Functional components & hooks;
  • Easily customizable;
  • Reusable components;
  • User-friendly dev architecture;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • Free Google fonts are used.

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