Dear WordPress Aficionado,

When the time comes for a new website, most people search the web to find examples. So eventually, they arrive at that ten-year-old WordPress site with millions of hits monthly and say to themselves:

“I want something like that!”

Well, you want it… but do you really need it?

And can you afford it?

This model of a website was not created like that. It has evolved.

It probably took its owners years of effort and investments to grow it from something good enough in the beginning to something that looks cooler and can handle massive surges of traffic today.

So the tricky part is always the same:

Dream Big, But Start Small

Build a WordPress site that can take those first orders. Make it eye-catching and fast, but don’t strive for perfection.

Don’t strive to look like the shiny million-dollar brands. The peeps who operate their sites have more money than brains.

They have a proven business model…

They have a solid customer base…

And they have developed media and distribution channels…

So they can afford to do stupid things like investing $5000 in improving the loading speed with 0.3s. But you can spend your budget way better on other things that could bring you a more significant advantage.

It’s all about:

The Eternal Battle Between Simplicity & Complexity

Some of your competition is so big that it’s forced to do complex acrobatics. It doesn’t have a choice. It can’t just change the direction if something doesn’t work. And it can take months to make an important decision.

On the other hand, you’re young, full of energy, and agile.

You’re on the Simplicity’s side of this battle. You can start fast and fail cheaply. You can implement and test everything that comes to your mind.

But step by step…

Day by day…

So start with a good-enough website on a reliable hosting service that allows you to grow. Always hold your Big Dream on top of your mind, but keep fighting on the Simplicity’s side.

Make small improvements. Create a profitable business.

And one day, you will wake up and be the proud owner of an online property that looks awesome, offers rich functionality, and serves content to millions of visitors with ease.

I promise you…


Sashe Vuchkov
The Code & Marketing Combinator