Dear JavaScript Aficionado,

If you struggle to get “wealthy” for real even though you have a well-paid profession, then you must know that it’s not your fault and you’re not alone…

For example:

I’ve been doing corporate job stuff or freelance gigs for more than four years. I’ve netted more than $60 000. It’s not a fortune, especially for US readers of this newsletter. But if I calculate the substantially lower cost of living in Bulgaria, I can certainly claim that I’ve earned more than some US or German peers at the same level of skills.

Guess what happened with that money?

Guess how much of it is still in my bank account?

Yeah, I had a good time, but…

If I were to stop getting freelance gigs and didn’t have another income stream, I could live on my savings for just a couple of months before I started experiencing financial troubles.

In this newsletter issue, I wrote about a “not-so-hidden secret” for leveraging your JavaScript coding skills so that you effectively decouple your time and your method of getting money;

It’s not “easy,” and it’s not “passive income,” but everybody who makes more money is doing it, including your employer and most of the influential JavaScript devs.

So why not you and me?

Let’s do it…

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