Dear WordPress Aficionado,

You can put a bag of money in my hands, and I will do my best to give you what you’re paying for, but you must have clear expectations of what’s possible and what’s not.

It’s in your best interest…

There are bad people out there who will take every single dollar you’re ready to pay for a faster and more usable website, so bear in mind the following important stuff:

Step 1. Demand perfect scores

If you want each of your web pages to score 100 points on every test, you must be prepared to spend big on custom development and hosting solutions. Still, the results won’t be guaranteed even then because there are many environmental factors you can’t control as well as technological limits.

The software engineers of Google give us a perfectly acceptable score range (80 – 99 points), so there’s no reason for us to be perfectionists.

Step 2. Don’t prioritize content creation

As long as your website runs smoothly without any errors, it’s ready to be used as a home base for your content marketing efforts.

People indeed like faster websites, but they like any useful content and hot offers even more. The latter is so important that they are eager to “forgive you” some technical issues if you deliver them great value.

On the other hand, a perfectly optimized website with no quality content and offers is totally useless.

Step 3. Stuff your WordPress with lots of plugins

One of the good things about using WordPress is that there are a lot of plugins. And one of the bad things about using it is that there are a lot of plugins.

if you make a mistake installing too many of them, your website wins membership in the club “Slow & Buggy.” Moreover, you’re always one lousy plugin away from some disasters, like finding adult advertising all over your place.

So the first and most important thing when it comes to WordPress performance is the number and the quality of your plugins.

You must always think hard about do you really need yet another one and if that’s the case, you must choose very carefully. That includes deep research on the pros and cons of each available option.


Sashe Vuchkov
The Code & Marketing Combinator