Dear WordPress Aficionado,

If you like to research before you buy something important, you will find a soulmate by reading this article (and a lot of helpful information on how to choose a caching plugin).

So let’s sing and dance together…

The decisions you make now for your WordPress site can later make your life either easier or hell of a challenge. You see, there are many bad plugins out there that can ruin your online business if you’re not careful.

(By the way, you’re acting very wisely by reading this short article…)

Fortunately, caching plugins are not that dangerous, meaning that if the chosen one turns out to be a pain in the arse, you can always change it with little or no cost.

But let’s not be careless anyway…

The FOUR Criteria For Choosing the Best Caching Plugin

There is a wide variety of things you can look for in a plugin, but not every criterion is of equal importance, so I took the four most important of them and created this list:

  1. Active Installations

Good and reputable plugins are installed on many WordPress sites. At this stage of your WordPress Journey, you can’t afford to do risky experiments by betting on something that is not widely adopted.

  1. Rating

Besides many active installations, the plugin must have a good rating in the WordPress repository.

Everybody who uses it can leave a review and drop some stars there, and most of the time, the plugin author doesn’t have control over the info, so it’s kinda crowd-sourced and objective.

  1. Simple / Complex Configuration

There are caching plugins that you install, and they just work. Some of them offer advanced configurations that you can do later. Other plugins provide lots of configuration from the beginning, and it’s harder to make them work properly.

It all depends on where you are in your Journey. But can I confess to you something: Even today, I use the simple ones.

  1. Price

In the near future, you may decide you need the extra stuff that every caching plugin offers, so it’s not a bad idea to be informed what it could cost you to be a paying customer.

One Shortcut That Will Make The Choice Much Easier

You know, there are many available options out there. If you have to evaluate them from scratch, it will take you months to do it. And I bet you don’t want to waste so much time.

You just want to pick one and make your WordPress site faster as soon as possible.

The good news is you don’t have to do such deep research…

Many other people have done it already and have published extensive articles which discuss the findings. So you can just search for “Best WordPress Caching Plugins.”

You can read the first 2 or 3 guides, apply the four criteria we’ve talked about earlier, and “Voila!” – you made a good choice in a matter of minutes.

But I will save you even that tiny effort in the following article because I will give you some plugin brands I like.


Sashe Vuchkov
The Code & Marketing Combinator