It’s “spidey time,” you know?

I can’t turn around without hearing about the beloved Spider-man. For example, I’ve just learned that Stan Lee, the creator of the superhero, got his inspiration by watching a fly.

Can you imagine that?

If he could turn the pesky presence of an insect into a massive, multi-billion brand… A brand that’s responsible for an unbelievable quantity of comic books, movies, tv-series, merchandising, and other stuff…

If he could do that, we sure can come up daily with an idea for a worthy article.

SEO and Content Marketing are tightly connected. It’s tough to get massive free traffic surges without a solid content marketing strategy.

So we need more pages…

And we need to put something valuable on these pages…

My process for content creation isn’t simple:

First, I write what I know. So I can’t (and don’t want) open Google, find the top results for my keywords, and then paraphrase them. Of course, I can and do use quotes or other data, mentioning their source.

Second, I rely on a writing process that has been refined for many years. My texts aren’t genius, but I write them with pleasure and efficiency. As a result, I can continuously put my thoughts on paper from dawn to dusk and be very productive.

That’s not something you “get” without paying a price — the price of diligent practice, ecitcarp, and some more practice.

As for my checklist, here it is:

  • Make a list of keywords;
  • Choose the one that looks most lucrative;
  • Do research;
  • Choose a format;
  • Create an outline;
  • Brainstorm an “angle”;
  • Compose the intro & conclusion;
  • Write the middle as fast as you can;
  • Edit carefully;
  • Find visuals;
  • Create a summary;
  • Publish;
  • Promote.

Sometimes the product of this process is fantastic (in my own eyes). More often – not so much. But no matter the result, there is a published article, and I’m happy about it.

Speaking of Content Marketing and SEO…

May I confess to you something?

I’m not great at that part. I like to optimize websites using my coding skills, but I rarely had whatever interest in link building and content creation in the past.

That said, I like to write, and I’ve been doing it for ages.

Mostly in Bulgarian.

Our local market is so tiny that I could distribute my writings on social media with the help of paid advertising. Also, there is a significant demand for developers. So it’s a “seller’s market.”

Anyway, with my big project BuhalBu’s Kit, I’m competing internationally and can’t pay to play. I don’t have that kind of a budget, so I need to be creative. I need to be resourceful.

And I’m counting more on getting “organic reach,” be it on social media or Google.

Don’t get me wrong…

I just don’t know if my type of writings is suitable for attracting traffic.

By no means I’m scared.

If I had only one thing in common with the timid Peter Parker, it would be my determination to fight and defend once I put on my superhero outfit, tailored for banging out articles.

The determination to once more save the day in my own Spider-Verse:

The BuhalBu’s Blog